A 1st Birthday Tea for Folklore Thursday!


Happy 1st birthday, Folklore Thursday!!! *throws confetti and blows noisemaker*While the folks of Folklore Thursday are already enjoying  the success of this year old hashtag, it certainly won’t hurt to celebrate with some magickally charged foods in order to keep the good times rolling for many years to come. Since “tea is liquid wisdom” and the beverage is a favorite to drink and discuss among the community, I decide to create an afternoon tea menu with good wishes scattered throughout the ingredients. Feel free to grab a teapot and whisk and follow along on the Pinterest board as each dish is explained.  I apologize in advance to any non-U.S. cooks, as most of the recipes on the Pinterest board are in customary units.

First on the menu are a few teas to quench the thirst of the perpetual knowledge seekers. Vanilla and Moroccan mint are steeping in the intricately decorated teapots in order to inspire mental powers and get the ol’ gears turning for new ways to present folklore every Thursday.  Drinking vanilla tea will also ensure prosperity and love for this community. The spearmint in the Moroccan mint tea will bring a bit of luck too, something we are all are always on the lookout for. I hope you like your tea strong, as the strength of the tea can make or break a friendship. Folklorists are in the friendship making game, so be prepared to taste some tannins and go on a flavor adventure.

Next, we move to the delicate savories.  Mozzarella and basil scones are tomato jam-packed with properties. The presence of basil in the scones will protect a person from harm and was used to protect travelers during Tudor era. Whether it is traveling to a historic site or to an archive, any protection is good protection for researchers. Basil also focuses the mind and brings happiness and peace to the user. Don’t forget to pluck a leaf while baking and place it in your wallet. This will attract money needed for adventures, expensive academic journal articles, or art supplies. The tomatoes in the jam will also serve us good intentions, now that we know, unlike pre-mid 1800s Europe, they are not poisonous in any manner.  Tomatoes are used for protection and prosperity; traits that will assist the website and Twitter handle in not succumbing to the sophomore slump.

Running websites costs money, something the lovely folks of Folklore Thursday need to keep this community operating in an organized manner.  For this, we look to an American South tradition to increase our wealth for this year. Fried chicken sliders with cornbread buns are not only a piece of the South in one bite, but will also help you line your pockets in the future. Cornbread is traditionally eaten on New Year’s Day and represents a bar of gold and wealth for the consumer.  If you would like to increase your chances for money in the bank, garnish your sliders with any type of greens, which represents paper money.

Finally, we have reached the array of sweet pastries and cakes that complete any afternoon tea menu. Apple compote éclairs will provide a delicious and magickally laden dessert. Instead of using apples to start wars over beauty, we shall use them for a variety of good reasons, such as wisdom and fidelity, important traits in spreading information and building a community.  A sprinkling of cinnamon and nutmeg will offer an extra dose of good luck as you munch on these pastries.

Pomegranate tartlets can be used in two-fold as the pomegranate arils were seen as the fruit of temptation in ancient times, but also as a sign in fertility in other cultures. For our purposes, it will be used to tempt new Twitter users into the fold and grow the number of Twitterstorians in the coming year. Hopefully, we will have better results with tempting new people than Hades and serpent of Eden did.

It is time to turn up the party dial and pop some bottles with the addition of delicate champagne macarons . There isn’t anything particularly rooted in history about the magickal properties of this sparkling French wine, but we are celebrating an important milestone. Talk about the devil and his trickster ways is prominent throughout folklore and the hashtag every week. It only seems fair that we should incorporate a drink that was known as the “devil’s wine” (due to its popping cork!) into this tasty treat.

Of course, any birthday celebration would not be complete without cake! Memory is an important aspect of recording folklore, so rosemary will be the co-star herb in our cake. Rosemary is also good for warding off evil spirits, which is not directly related to the loving community, but the social media platform Folklore Thursday is hosted on can harbor some evil thoughts in other corners of Twitter. Lemon is the other dominant flavor in the cake and is equally helpful in preventing harm from reaching the intended person. The combination of both ingredients will form a wall of protection against the negative energies on the Internet. Together, we shall beat ignorance and hate with rosemary and lemon cake.

There are many more food items that could have been added to this menu, but cooking is exhausting and it only takes a bit of magick to make a difference. May the second year be as fruitful in knowledge and friendship as the first one has been!


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