Love, Scandal, Cake?

Recently, ClassicFM put one of their content editors, Lizzie Davis, to the task of baking the incredibly difficult opera cake. At the end of the article, I was ready to jump in and inflict delicious torture on myself . A quick skim of Will Torrent’s recipe and a search revealed that ground almonds are a crucial ingredient in the cake. It simply would not do to prepare a dish with nuts around my highly allergic sister. As it has been reported, the price of EpiPens is still too damn high and I would like to keep her around for a little longer, so it was time to look for an alternative. An hour of Googling later and the Hungarian Rigó Jancsi cake emerged as the answer to my wild daydream. A two layer chocolate sponge cake encasing a fluffy layer of chocolate rum mousse and a thin smear of apricot jam with a glossy covering of chocolate ganache sounded like a perfect alternative to the challenging opera cake. This cake, as an added bonus, has a rich history behind it that is just as scandalous and delicious as the actual pastry.

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